When i started my class project i could not find relevant materials on the internet showing the requirements for setting up Oracle Database with . This document details the steps required to make asp .net to work with Oracle Database.

To establish Database Connectivity

1. Select Tools->Connect to Database.

Add connection

2. In the “Add connection” window, Choose the data source by clicking on change.

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How to Build Master AND Content Pages in asp .net

Master pages allow us to create a consistent look and behavior for all content pages in the application.


To create a master page

  • Select Website->Add new Item->Master Page.

In the MasterPage design view,You could see the ‘ContentPageHolder’ on the top. ContentPageHolder contains the data specific to individual webpage so,any constant design which is to be carried out throughout the webforms should be placed outside the ContentPageHolder.

Note 1:We can have many content page holders in our webform based on the form layout.Just drag and drop from the toolbox as required.

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How to Create A Simple Hello World Website

Welcome to ASP.NET tutorial. According to Microsoft, “ASP.NET is a technology for building powerful, dynamic Web applications and is part of the .NET Framework”. ASP.NET is loaded with new features designed to make building sophisticated Web sites easier than ever before.

This tutorial is focused at teaching ASP.NET from scratch. In parallel we will build a Web site to get better acquainted with some of the ASP.NET features. Interestingly, no knowledge of any kind of server side scripting is required. Basic HTML and CSS knowledge is preferable.

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Google+ Hangout

Best Alternatives for FaceTime on android

You might be an long time Apple user , who just made the switch or you might have someone you want to do a video call using android . You would find that somethings are missing. Yeap , Facetime is one of those things. Here is a list of alternatives for facetime that you can use to do video chat between devices which are available both on an iOS and Android devices. Continue reading